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Sunday June 2, 2024

Dina Wind Memorial Concert

Stay tuned for time & location!

The remarkable legacy of found-object artist Dina Wind runs as an unbroken thread throughout nearly everything that Relâche sets out to accomplish: Adventure, inquiry, collaboration, generosity, reflection… as an ardent, long-time supporter of Relâche, to say that Dina left her mark on the ensemble and our mission is quite an understatement. We’ll pay tribute to this extraordinary person, lover of music, and friend of Relâche with a special program of music with several points of connection to Dina and her work.

Paul Lansky’s Comix Trips headlined the CD of the same name that Dina was instrumental in making a reality; Dina’s spirit of using available resources to create will be reflected in the music of John Cage; and her generosity and ability to extemporize will be celebrated in the collaborative, semi-improvisatory work of Cynthia Folio.


Dina WInd.jpeg
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