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Take a wild ride with Relâche musicians Sean Bailey (reeds), Chris Coyle (bass) and Ron Stabinsky (piano) as they explore the landscape of everything from old world-influenced Art-Klezmer, to the timeless innovations of post-bop jazz, and on through brand new creations by a new generation of diverse composers. 


Michael Winograd's reputation as one of the country's most innovative Klezmer musicians might hide the fact that his music combines the heartbeat of Jewish tradition with the complexity of 12-tone serialism. His dreamy "Fantasy" transports the listener to an ethereal space, filled with both tradition and room for expression. 


The recent passing of saxophonist Wayne Shorter deprived the world of one of its most iconic artists in the realm of improvisation-based music, and we'll pay homage through his "Aung San Suu Kyi", named for and dedicated to the esteemed Burmese human rights activist. Recorded in collaboration with Herbie Hancock on the 1997 album 1+1, this composition won a Grammy for both artists, still at the top of their creative game. 


Our own Chris Coyle and Sean Bailey will display their own skill at weaving new musical tapestries through Coyle's "That Bad Loop", and a work of Sean's so new that it doesn't yet have a name!


We were privileged to collaborate with the Wildflower Composers this season, and we'll once again join forces with two from their ranks; Em Singleton and Flannery Cunningham, whose respective works "Unidentified" and "We Are The Same As We Have Always Been" explore the sonic variations of combining wind instruments with both strings and with enhanced electronics. 


The career of the great Jimmy Giuffre spanned from the Big Band Era (with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra) through ventures into the classical realm in military bands, finally exploding into the nascent era of free jazz with his trio mates Steve Swallow and Paul Bley in the early 1960's. From this era, we'll present his "Jesus Maria", spotlighting the creativity and collaborative spirit that has helped Relâche endure for over 40 years. 

May 21, 2023 | 4pm 
The Ethical Society of Philadelphia
1906 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103


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