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Re|Joice as RELÂCHE hosts Phil Kline’s UNSILENT NIGHT

The outdoor holiday classic

— the mother of all winter soundwalks —
is hosted by RELÂCHE this December, an annual event celebrated
across more than 145 cities across 5 continents
since its debut on the streets of NYC’s Greenwich Village in 1992.

Philadelphia celebrates its annual Unsilent Night on Dec. 18 at 5:30 pm
Join us as we walk through Rittenhouse Square and surrounding
Center City neighborhood, an essential tradition for so many.

Kline's luminous 4-track surround soundscape is performed by the public
on boomboxes and smart phones (if you can, bring a small speaker).
We’ll carry our “sound machines” and rejoice with just one of the four tracks downloaded and ready.

The magic begins when YOU and the entire crowd hit PLAY at the same time,
collectively launching individual streams of shimmering electronic bell-tones
into the dark night, as the players set off joyously on foot.


Please Join Us, Here’s What You Do:
Download in advance
 one of the 4 sound files or app,
then amplify a phone with a bluetooth speaker — or go analog
with a boombox or cassette player (if lucky enough to find one).

FREE as always, please RSVP alyse@relâ to tell Relâche you’ll be there!

“If an avant-garde Christmas record exists, this is it.”

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